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for the indians. the o's are threatening. 2 on and 2 out for the red-hot, ty wig inton. he shoots this one on the right field. lays it out, and look at that, makes a great diving catch to make the inning. that's why he is a gold lover, folks. top of the 3rd, no score. sice morsicemore at the plate. and lou run 3rd. and the throat is cut off. the indians take off a 1-0 lead. the top of the 5th, same score, runner on 3rd with matt laporta. he offers one. the 2-run shot for the laporta. ty leads it, 3-0. the o's are threatening again. this time they 2 on and 1 out for adam jones. jones bounces 1-2. the indians play to end the inning. joe continues to struggle. and cleveland has some insurance. and kranks a 2-run shot at the right field. indians lead it 5-io. bottom o0.indians lead it. facing the red-hot, luke scott and he sends one deep the other way and reaches the 5th. and the orioles spoil westbrook shut out but the indians still win to take the 3-game series. >> hendricks son gave us what he had. got this in the game. alberts did a nice job, but you know, we didn't do enough to win the ga
of the indian that came up and made the george washington prophecy. tell me the story. is it true? >> it is true. this is in the french and indian war when he in his early 20s was on aide to general -- british general bradig. they were leading almost 1,500 troops out to western pennsylvania, fort d duquesne, around pittsburgh now. washington knew the area and he warned bradig that there are places that are real good ambush sites, i wouldn't go there. general bradig was a british general. you know, they're most of them are quite proud. they know it. so they march right in through this area. almost 1,000, maybe 700 french troops with indians ambushed them and started mowing them down. out of the 1,500 they started with, there was over 1,000 deaths. wounded. among those were all of the officers including bradig. except george washington. he wrote the next day to his family "i don't know why i'm still here. it must be the hand of providence that preserved me. i have bullet hole mis in my hat, through my clothing, i had two horses shot out from under me." >> glenn: he was never wounded ever, was he?
20-17. >>> the orioles hosting the indians, bottom of the 7th, o's lead 1-0. a deep fly ball to left field. as it comes down, it's just over the glove of austin kearns. the orioles lead 2-0. top 9, the lead 2-1. austin kearns, a three-run home run. indians score eight runs in the 9th inning. they end baltimore's three-game winning streak. >>> it's time for a quick break but when we return, big al's absence is bothering even the brass in the skins organization. that story is up next. h pll ckce >>> today skins owner dan snyder said i'm disappointed al is not here. we're expecting our players to lead by example and expecting our players to understand that they're redskins and they need to be there. haynesworth will have to show up to next month's mandatory camp. meanwhile out in the exiewnlty, the -- community, the skins teamed up with other organizations to dedicate the football field at the parks and recreation center. it's been renovated with a newly resurfaced field, bleachers and scoreboard. >> we know that from our perspective, one ever the things that everyone hopes to
holiday struck out 116 the 27 batters he faced. >>> in new york yankees and indians, bottom 1st, alex rodriguez send as screaming line drive that hit the pitcher in the head. hoff was hit in the forehead. he was laying down for six minutes and eventually carted off the field. denot lose consciousness and would give the old thumbs up as he exited. the ct scan came back negative. while he was at the hospital, his indians rallied for the 13- 11 victory. it's time for a quick break. when we return, a super bowl in d.c.? hear what mike shan han thinks about that -- shanahan think abouts that idea.  . >>> the redskins are allowed 13otas this off-season. they already have six in the books. seven remain and they'll begin with they can -- this week. there has been a buzz around the n.f.l. about new york-new jersey hosting the 2014 super bowl since it sts first time the big game will be held outdoors in a cold climate. n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell said the success at the meadowlands will determine whether more championships are played at undomed cold weather sites. what about
, you, 10 feet tall, always won the ladies, it was said he would kill to indians before breakfast. and this was considered a good thing back then. and so there was this myth even in his own lifetime, herman melville actually in one passage of moby dick compares him favorably to hercules. so in his own lifetime he had to live with this mythology, and i guess, like jeff, i was interested in sort of the contrast between the myth and the real person. and that's what really fueled and animated the book. >> we're finding in the time in which we live that the story of the west and western history is a much contested ground in america and it's part of what a lot of people call the culture war that is going on for sort of the hearted soul of our national identity. all of these characters are western characters. i consider bonnie and clyde along with pretty boy floyd ann dellinger, who was captured actually by the arizona authorities not far from where we are sitting and sent back to india. i survey consider bonnie and clyde the last kind of western outlaws. and they were identified with th
was a noble race but when they got into the north woods, they saw the chippewa indians living exactly as the ancestors had with complete confidence in a forest where we would have starved to death because we did not know what to do reversing the power of the relationship of civilization. they sought day no ability to assimilate it might mean they might to eventually lose everything but their way of life was too important. he was impressed by that he and beaumont hired horse is a and went about 100 miles into the north would scott s. rs pontiac fur trading post and on the way they had a sense of what the continent was like when only the indians live there and tocqueville wrote a moving account 15 days 22 weeks in the wilderness it is a very human center word but to have the word wilderness it is a very beautiful volume and poetic us say. is also adventurists and lost in the dark and as day approached the theater that rises up where they keep bears for the watchdogs coming in and welcome the ems as for the course is to see it introduced two the bair and later after they were up two pont
. >> meantime cleveland and the indians and to tribe. magglio. and jackson coming around to score. that cuts the lead to 4-3. at 4. and indians. sing toll center field. serves it there. kearns scores. that gives the indian as 5-4ees and it is a quinnal. and two more r.b.i.s today. and talbot the win. and elsewhere in the american league. top of the 5th. tied 4-4. tampa bay on the road. in the bottom of the 4th. on a each team with 8 oss. and at fenway park. trying to complete a sweep of the red sox n minnesota and but tie showing support. [ man ] ladies and gentlemen, the 57th president of the united states. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ bell rings ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's fastest 3g network. this mother's day, get 50% off all messaging phones after mail-in rebate, like the pantech reveal, only from at&t. an everyday moment can turn romantic at a moment's notice. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven, low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready an
. the orioles fall to the indians 5-1. cleveland takes to of three in the series. -- two of three in the series. >>> it's time for a quick break but when we return, the capitals have some big news to announce tomorrow. could it be about backstrom? stick around and see.  >>> welcome back. the washington capitals have called a press conference for tomorrow morning. sources say the caps will sign center nicholas backstrom to a contract extension. he's scheduled to become a restricted free agent on july 1. meanwhile tonight was game one ever the eastern conference finals. the seventh seeded flyers hosting the number eight canadiens. a slapper from the left side. that's a power play goal. flyers up 3-0. later in the 2nd period, another power play. the flyers blampg the canadiens -- blank the canadiens 6-0 in game one. blackhawks and sharks from san jose. game tied 1-1, 3rd period. the blackhawks defeat the sharks 2-1 in game one. chicago 6-1 on the road during this post season. >>> the last two nba finals representatives from the eastern conference have been the celtics and the magic and t
hall where they were taking target practice with the indian relics and the displays of the are shooting at the tops on the private label liquor bottles on the sideboard. put up your guns, the englishman coalville striding into the room. heuvel are you, read john asked? my name is fred harvey, he replied. i run this place and i will not have any rowdies. if you don't feel like gentlemen you can't stay here and you can't come up again. now put up your guns and take a drink with fred harvey. he had been in america for 30 years he still retained his british accent which made some westerners twitter. but as the cowboys left, cursed and taunted him and hotel guests started gathering the walked over and grabbed read john by the collar and a single motion for leave the city is englishmen yanked the desperado over the bar and pinned him to the floor. you mustn't swear in this place, she told the cowboy. there was a moment of silence. and then read john told his men to stand down. fred harvey is a gentleman, he declared pushing himself off. i say let's have those drinks. when the drinks were done
in england. after the war. he was in the british indian army at that time fighting the japanese. he was one of the first indian graduates of engineering university in england. so for some years we settled in england, and then when we moved back to pakistan, he moved back to pakistan in the 1950's. so i got my education partly in england and partly in pakistan. eventually i went to university in england. >> where did you go? >> i went to cambridge. >> what did you study? >> i started actually studying english literature. i fancied myself as a writer of fiction. i used to write a lot of short stories. i used to write a lot of poetry i was there in 1968, and it was the whole radical movement and anti-vietnam. and by 1970 in pakistan we had had this tralmic experience about bangladesh and the war in east pakistan which eventually became bangladesh. huge atrocities were committed. a person from my generation, it was perhaps probably the most traumatic things that happened in our lives. so that led to a fair amount of you know radicalization at university as everyone was. >> if you look at the nu
took her through the south pacific, the atlantic and the indian ocean. watson's family watched closely as she chosed the finish line. >> and the space shuttle atlantis is expected to look up with the international space station tomorrow after its lift- off. as joel brown reports, this is likely the final launch for the shuttle. >> and take off! >> reporter: the space shuttle atlantis is streaking to the international space station for its final scheduled voyage. during the 12-day mission, the astronauts will install a 20- foot russian-built compartment and they will make three space walks to hook up a satellite an takenna and replace six batteries. only two shuttle flights remain after this. nasa winds down the 30-year program. >> after the shuttle fleet is retired, nasa is going to have to rely on the russians to carry our astronauts to and from the station, and really i think more importantly to keep the station supplied. >> reporter: when atlantis returns, nasa will immediately start prepping it for a possible rescue mission for the last flight at the end of the year. the space agen
on that. i do not think it is too late to do that right now. guest: it was not the indian ocean, it was the persian gulf. it is the largest oil spill ever. it went on for nine months in 1979. the two american maintenance and liability guys that lived in saudi arabia and came up with the idea of supertankers, ordered in and executed it. then picked up water from the then picked up water from the top and from the deep. the water was so pure after come in the past route a supertanker in went back into the persian ocean. the former head called in to my show to say that this works. we have something called the loop, where supertankers come to unload, not far from the horizon platform. the oil people that i spoke to that are not involved with the oil spill said, malarkey. it is the typical bureaucratic corps of engineers that do not want to try it because it was not their idea, does not jell with their organization, threatens their power over this. but more importantly, it costs too much money. when the president mentioned money, when the coast guard mentions money. when the corps of
. that was a beautiful catch. indians lead 1-0, hendrickson to laporte, a man on, a eight hold of this one, deep to center two-run homer, cleveland starter westbrook threw a complete game, indians down the orioles, 5-1678. >>> the capitals will make a significant player announcement tomorrow morning at kettler ice plex a source close to the situation will be part of a contract extension information nicklas backstrom and the team will reveal other changes as well. as for backstrom, an extension has been speculated for a while now. in february, a swedish website report ready that the caps would resign backstrom for seven to ten years at 5.5 to 6 million per season. >>> the stanley cup playoffs roll on, game one of the western conference finals between chicago and san jose, saw it here on nbc four, sharp a sharpshooter for the blackhawks in the second. chicago trailing 1-0. keith a pass to sharp. he shoots and scores. bounced off of sharp and past nab back cough, tied at 1. stays that way until the third, off the faceoff, buff lynn alone in the slot, reset, fires and scores, the hawks beat the shar
of indian farmers have taken their own lives in the last few years deep in debt and here in india's cotton-growing regions, they have suffered worst of all. and so a hotly disputed debate. has the introduction and monopoly of g.m. cotton seeds contributed to this tragedy? however, it depends on who you ask. there is little middle ground. some farmers emphasize that the price of seeds has risen dramatically, which leads many of them no room for maneuver when times are bad. >> when we use the old seed, our production levels were a bit lower, but it cost us an awful lot less. we used less pesticide and less fertilizer as well. now with the g.m. crop, the costs keep on mounting. >> go to the local cotton market and other farmers love the g.m. seed. profits and yields are up. this is where they come to auction their crop. countrywide, india has doubled cotton production since the introduction of g.m. to become the second largest producer in the world. g.m. cotton is good. i like it. our yield used to be much lower with the old seeds. now it's 2 1/2 times higher. >> and if g.m. cotton divides op
. >> last night, after the one hour rain delay. look at this nice defense against the indians. en he's impressing them with left field and robbing the home run. luke scott, hot, grand slam, three more hits last night. there's a single to adam jones and no, he didn't hit a grand slam, just a grand slam kind of guy. scott patterson tied it and they allowed three hits and the o's won, 8-1. >>> don't forget, we have a good baseball game coming up tomorrow. game three of the series, sunday, 1:30, cleveland indians and baltimore orioles, here on wjz-13. >>> and hey, at the monster mile, kyle busch won, we'll show you more at 11:00. >> and the inwither was lucky number 7. hard to predict that one. >> yeah, looking at lucky. no triple crown. >> i don't know where supersaver placed. >> yeah, it was a close race and we'll show it to you tonight. >>> also, coming up. a heart breaking case of animal abuse. it's been four days since a dog was attacked and tonight, we have an update on the dog's condition and what to do to help and also, michael jackson's doctor is being called a hero and we'll te
, it is true. sliders are popular right now, jc and this takes something else that is popular, spicey indian flavor and easy as any other hamburger. it has red onion and coriander. i toasted them and crushed them in there t. >> do you need this. >> you can use a rolling pin or your fist. whatever it takes. crushed red pepper like on pizza, cilantro and mix it up. use this little slider press to make it easy. >> isn't that cute. >> push right down on it. >> so they are the right size. >> and they get the little indentions in them. i am doing indoor style. it is not good out door weather right now. >> they are in a great pan because it has these grooves in it and that makes it really nice. almost looks like it is out on a grill outside. >> yes. >> and all the usual burger fixings you would want, little buns but instead of plain old ketchup and mayonnaise, i have them with a walnut herb chutney, like a pesto. it is classic indian cuisine. >> have you seen the chef is making me work today. he is doing the talking and i'm cooking but that's okay, i will do the work for you because it smells so go
the orioles 5-2. a long and brutal season for them. >>> scary moment in new york. yankees hosting the indians. look out if you're the pitcher. alex rodriguez right off david huff's head. right between the eyes. you can see a-rod a little thrustered by what happened. look at it by center field. yeah, you can just taste how badly that must have hurt. he got a cat scan and it was negative. you can see he was still conscious when he leaves the field. hopefully the worse thing he'll have is a bad headache and the indians win, 13-11. >>> it seemed like the regular season for the celtics was nothing more than a training camp. now, they're in the driver's seat of a brand new lamborghini. they went to a 27-27 finish in the regular season but got healthy and cranked it up at the right time. now they're headed back to the nba finals for the second time in three years. stan van gundy's magic had no answer for the celtics in game six of the eastern conference finals last night. boston up by eight and rajon rondo, wait, wait, and then delivers the paul and a no-look pass. paul pierce has a problem growing
-night doubleheader. former nationals skipper manny acta and the indians paid a visit to the orioles. the indians leading this one. 1-0. a fly ball to left field going back it's cory patterson and he ties the leap perfectly at the wall. he robs him of a home run. game tied 1-1. bases are juiced for miguel tejada. the chopper up the middle. that gets into center field. two runs come in to score breaking the tie. the o's go on to win 8-1. nothing better than a game seven in any sport. tonight was game seven between the flyers and bruins. this one was wild in boston. the bruins jumped all over philly scoring the first three goals and boston looks like they're going to run away with this but the flyers respond in a big way. an incredible top shelf wrap around goal. then even at 3. boston fans must have been in shock when they see this. the go ahead goal. the flyers would score four unanswered and then as the final seconds tick away the impossible has happened. the flyers rebound from a 3-0 series deficit and 3-0 game -- [ indiscernible ] each score ironically 4-3. it's the 135th unking of the preakne
. >>> it is 5:04 now. the orioles forced to battle the indians shorthanded at camden yards. david hernandez had a sore shoulder. there is the movement. he got the nod, and henderson proved to be no match for jake westbrook. westbrook pitched his 13th career complete game allowing nine hits. the orioles went onto fall the indians 5-1. they'll get a two game series tonight at camden yards. game time is 7:05. >>> after every great party there has to be a whole lot of clean up. over at old hill top an army of folks depended on the in-field, the clean up after saturday's preakness day. just a huge crowd out there. they had to move tons and tons of garbage off the grass and into trucks. some of the plastic and cups and water bottles of course will be recycled. >> that's all over. day 27 of the gulf oil spill. >> there is some good news and bad news in the race to clean up that massive oil spill in the gulf. i will have the latest developments straight ahead. >> a nightmare for travelers, the iceland volcano forces airports to close again. before you head out the door, send it over to justin and get a
they'll be surprised to see the amount of progress that's being made. >>reporter: the indian government has already started addressing issues that would otherwise have proved a hurdle. pushing through changes in land acquisition, for instance, to speed up the process. >>nath : it is a huge challenge but i do hope we'll be able to address it. i have put things in motion. we're on track but it'll be six months more before we can address the capacity building, which we need to really have within ourselves to manage such a huge programme. >>reporter: domestic companies are already getting involved. >>reliance infrastructure is the third largest infrastructure company in the country. it makes everything from roads to power plants to mass transport systems and is attracted by the scale of the rollout. >>jalan: it is looking too ambitious right now, but honestly i feel it's doable. the elements required to do the 20 kilometres are falling in place, and there is a time lag...the 20 kilometres aren'tgoing to happen tomorrow...clearly, if you want to develop 20 kilometres and you take a time cycl
passengers from this indian airplane, especially because firefighters struggled to reach the wreckage scattered along the hillside. indian officials say records show the flight was operating normally before the crash. investigators are struggling to understand what caused the flight to turn suddenly into what officials are calling a death trap. it firefighters and volunteers raced down the hillside to reach the injured. relatives who had been waiting for the arrival stood by the wreckage. "as we landed, the flight went out of control, said one survivor. within seconds, there was fire and smoke all around. i cannot briefed." the fire quickly engulfed the fuselages, killing 150 passengers and crew. a child later died at the hospital after being pulled from the wreckage. i >> officials say the boeing 737 overshot the runway. officials say the approach from a high angle and landed halfway down the runway. their plane veered off course. >> people try to salvage their runaway landing sometimes. >> miraculously, eight passengers called from the mangled mess and survived just before the jet b
and copilot didn't report problems before trying to land the plane. all the passengers were indian nationals, many returning from jobs in the persian gulf to visit their families. mappina lore's airport -- mangalore's airport is on top of a hill. the position of the runways poses challenges for pilots. the secretary of india's aviation ministry dismisses those accusations. >> from 2006, there has been over 32,000 landings. in this mangalore runway. i don't think it's fair to make she's conjectures unless we have other evidence. >> reporter: officials from boeing and the national transportation safety board are heading to india to help in the investigation. in washington, molly hennenberg, fox news. >>> the mothers of three american hikers held in an iranian jail came home without their children. the women are grateful for their visit and extremely disappointed to have come home alone. they travelled to tehran hoping to get iranian leaders to release the hookers. the three were arrested when they crossed to tehran from iraq and have been in prison for 10 months. the mothers say the which were
them notice in the big league front office. let's get a look at other games, tigers and indians, no score in the 4th. two out. scott size more with a double. this will clear the bases and the tigers take a 3-0 lead. big base hit there for scott sizemore. bottom of the 6th, tigers leading 3-1. bases loaded, austin kerns. it's -- and that gives the tigers a lead of 5-3. they're in the top of the 9th now and the tigers leading it 6-4. big day tore austin jackson, he's really making a push for rookie of the year early on. sizemore 1-3 with three rbis. elsewhere in the american league, bottom of the third at fenway park, yankees leading the red sox 2-1 after new york won the opener last night in a blowout. tancha bay will get going here in just about two minutes. tampa bay in first place in the east at home against the oakland athletics. there are other games in the american league east, yankees in bofrp and rays are at home. in minneapolis, day one part of the day-night double header, orioles beat the twins 7-3. % . >>> the orioles get home following this series in minnesota, the se
in new york today. yankee alex rodriguez hit a line drive that struck cleveland indians' pitcher david huff just above the left ear, as you see right there. the indians say huff did not lose consciousness and the ct-scan was negative. we'll be right back. i've been thinking... no. actually, doc, there is something i want to talk to you about. [ male announcer ] but it's definitely a conversation worth having. twenty million men have had their viagra talk. when you're ready for yours, visit for helpful conversation starters and to learn how viagra can help. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. don't take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. it's time to take a deep breath... and ask your doctor if viagra is
in in the mall. the national museum of american indian. we will get a true taste of the culture later. >>> today's trivia question, in cheers, what was the legal capacity of the popular boston bar. 50 people, 775 people, 90 people or 100 people? the answer is coming up later. if you think you know and you want to take a guess, head to or log on to our facebook page. ♪ home is where i want to be. ♪ the only place that feels like me. ♪ ♪ the world outside just melts away ♪ ♪ relax, unwind, wrap up the day. ♪ ♪ where i spend the night and start the day. ♪ olympic premium paint, environmentally preferred. zero vocs. all this at a great price, starting at $17 per gallon. home begins with an olympic finish. you were right. these healthy choice fresh mixer thingys, they taste fresh... say it again. they taste fresh... wait. what are you doing? got it. you're secretly taping me? cook it fresh, strain it fresh, mix it fresh. healthy choice fresh mixers. look for it in the pasta or soup aisle. becky knows healthy choice fresh mixers taste fresh, t where does she find them? no
: when "rescue on the high seas" continues. >>> the indian ocean off the coast of somalia. it was 3:30 a.m. on wednesday, april 8th. on the "maersk alabama," captain rich phillips woke to disturbing news. >> i got a call from my second mate. we could see a small boat behind through the binoculars. and then i heard it over the radio, what they said. somali pirate, somali pirate, coming to get you, coming to get you. >> reporter: let me stop you there. that seems like the last thing a somali pirate would say on the radio. here i am, a somali pirate and i'm coming to get you. you would think they would want the element of surprise. >> you would think. >> reporter: did you change course at all? >> we changed course and sped up to 120 revs and kept that speed until i woke up at 6:15 in the morning. >> reporter: when you say you woke up at 6:15 in the morning, what might surprise some people is here now you've had your second encounter with somali pirates, and you're able to go back to bed. i think i would have been standing on the bridge looking in every direction, unable to sleep. how did yo
>>> good morning, breaking news, an indian jet liner crashes and catches fire. >>>igh anxiety, dozens of miles of beaches are now covered along the gulf coast. at least ten locations in three states. now the attempt to stop the leak will have to wait until next week as patience in the region runs thin. >>> a man released a gorilla runs thin. >>> a man released a gorilla into the wild reunites with him. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning, everyone, welcome to today on a saturday morning, i'm lester holt. >> we want to get right to our breaking news this morning, the crash of an air india express jet liner. >> it happened in the southern indian city of mangalore. the 737 in a flight to dubai  appears to have skidded off the run way during light rain. there are survivors, people actually thrown clear of the wreckage. >>> and then we will head to the gulf where there is growing anger over the gulf spill disaster. millions of gallons of crude oil still gushing into the gulf one month after the explosion of bp's oil platform. the plan is to pump heavy m
the indian state dinner she wore a designer who was indian american. so there is some thought she would give a nod to a mexican- american designer. louie verde yod maybe. but she has used the white house as a platform to highlight american designers and artists and musicians and so it wouldn't surprise us if she made that choice. >> i can't wait to see. also debut for social secretary juliana smoot and this goes hand and hand with security because of the salahis. so how big of a night is this for her? >> it's a very big night. the last hearing was her waterloo and why she left the white house. so security is absolutely paramount for the white house and particularly for the new social secretary. >> we want to be talking about what -- >> we want to talk about the designers. >> emily heil, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >>> and coming up, the new bear clubs at the national zoo are making their public debut. but we get to meet them first. we'll check in with holly. >>> and here is our trivia question of the day. in goldy locks, and the three bears what, is wrong poppa bear's porrage? was
, operating trying toold on to the job. he doesn't have a grip. a three run shot giving the indians a lead. more for good measure. ncaa lacrosse under ways today. dismantling 20-5. scoring today including mount strstr mary. honored with a movement silence. her thoughts heavy in this game. behind the though from the grief. the big shot. more in the second. moving the ball. up and on target. virginia in the second round. loyola today rally all the way back. 10-9. murray. the game tying goal. we have over time. a triple over time. the big red out. there's your game winner. heart break for the half. moving on 11-10. picked off by hol amman. into the house it goes. a 5-4 lead. a separation process. in the right side. 6-5 maryland. welcomed to college park. that's the lewis impression. breathing easier, now on to the second round. owned to the post season until today. the first time for max in front 3-1. a lot of goal tending erry. a really nice move in front. the goal and duke in front 5-3. 12 seconds to go in the first 12 seconds to go in the first half. i pay the bills, and i want to know i'm
. it's a full scale assault. do these g-men want us to use indian wampum, or do they want a healthy recovering bank system to provide credit and loans to the economy? how stupid is it to bail out the banks, then criminalize them, then throw them in jail? huh? we have team coverage of all this today. scott cohn with the latest on the investigation in the banks. bob with the stock market impact. and john harwood with the latest coming out of warbg. plus wise men ken langone and dick grasso, who are here with us for the full hour to help me pursue, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. first, scott cohn. >> reporter: larry, with gets to the very heart of the financial crisis, which is why it is the major focus in the attorney j gener general's office when it comes to wall street. all those mortgage-backed securities issues during the housing boom, how did they wind up investment grade by moody's, fitch, and standard & poor's. cuomo wants to know if the banks mislead the rating agencies about the mortgages in the securities or whether the agencies looked the other way, or, worse,
to remind you about masn this weekend as the indians are coming to town. you can see sunday afternoon's game live at 1:30. >>> we are just days away from the 135th running of the preakness steaks. super saver is expected to win the second leg of the triple crown as a favorite for saturday's big race. also this morning, the breakfast enjoying scrambled eggs and fried chicken. join horse owners and the media to discuss the running of the 135th preakness. the breakfast is a tradition dating back to the 1930s. >>> still to come at noon, the fbi is searching for more evidence in the times square car bombing attempt. >>> dangerous roads. find out where baltimore false on a list of dangerous drivers nationwide. >>> certainly stick around. your complete forecast is still coming up. ,,,,,,,, [ woman ] do you think expensive specialty brands always have the best anti-aging skin-care products? sorry. the answer is no. experts from america's top beauty magazines have rated an array of olay products best. and women just like you agree. [ male announcer ] in a study presented by "better homes and gardens
. >> spf 3000. >> yeah, that should do it. remember, it's masn on wjz as the cleveland indians come to town. you can see the game, live here. a good day for baseball. >> >> and still to come at noon, the latest to be kicked off survivor. he'll join us live. wjz-13 is always on, here are the top stories on wjz-13 at this hour. for instant updates, go to [ male announcer ] it's a price that starts low and stays low. now pay just $99.99 a month for verizon fios tv, internet and phone -- guaranteed for two years! it's an amazing offer that could save you hundreds of dollars. call now to lock in this guaranteed low price for two years. with 100% true fiber optics to your home, fios delivers the future and gives you more of what cable doesn't. the best channel lineup and more hd. america's top-rated internet. even facebook and twitter on your tv. enjoy a bigger, better entertainment experience. and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you'll pay the same low price year after year. call now and you'll also get a free dvr for 6 months. get it all for just $99.99 a month with a two-yea
baseball right here tomorrow. indians game 3 here. >>> men's ncaa tournament, lacrosse, first round. shooting high on johns hopkins whose season came to a screeching halt. look at this, twisting, rolling, but here is the goal of the game. zach howell behind the back. duke wins 18-5. they advance against either delaware or north carolina and don't forget the national championship round in baltimore. virginia beat mount st. mary's and cornell beat loyola 11-10 in overtime. third seeded maryland beat undefeat the hofstra at byrd stadium in hofstra. fasten your seatbelt for the hit of the day. kelvin ford feeling. watch him take the pass in front tft goalie. i'm just moving so fast. they will face either clemson or notre dame. those two play each other. >> is there a preferred opponent? >> no. when it gets there, anybody will do. >> kyle bush won the nascar race. >>> still to come, they are going for the record. how this group of elementary school students will try to get, >>> amid the sight and sounds of the windy city, there was something abuzz on the roof of the chicago high-rise. we
on the stock exchange. he was 90 years old. >> coming up, an indian man is being called a miracle. plus, the family of the miners lost in the west virginia explosion want justice but they are accusing the mine's owner of violating. >> apparently, the turks are primed, that is what can result when kentuckian believes. we will also enter your gardening questions. hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> covering the nation, the theme of the miners killed in the west virginia mine explosion are accusing the company of violating safety measures. the west virginia mine explosion took the lives of 29 miners. it is considered play country's worst coal mine disaster in 40 years. >> the power of prayer stopped a robber in its tracks. a security camera catches the robert walking into a kentucky convenience store and a woman at the kemper puts her head down to pray and he left empty-handed. the thief was picked up by police shortly thereafter. he is charged in on the board -- i
and with the american indians, when are the native people going to have their judgment and 42 congressional record. i'd also like to know why they tried to limit ethnic studies from the arizona curriculum? >> guest: a lot of questions. there's no doubt much of the treatment of the native native americans, american indians is indefensible in terms of the breaking of the treaties, and in terms of the conduct toward indians, civilians, and some of the massacres that occurred. san creeping one of the more influential ones. but there's no doubt they were indian massacres and sellers as well. with regard to hawaii, hawaii was the next in line and really questionable circumstances. it was a lot of implicit in there. and i think it's hard to justify how we can about the annexation of hawaii. and, frankly, the puerto rican folks, i would give them independence if they want it or care to have commonwealth. but i would say they would stay because i think we're english speaking country and their a spanish-speaking cold. their language is different, but i agree with you on part of what you had to say, but if were
the indians 8- 0. this one full day after lebron james's season ended and already president obama and a bloomberg have already given their hope on where james might play next year. lebron james can play anywhere next season. they will be disappointed in cleveland because he did not deliver a championship. if he goes to chicago or new york, they will tear him apart. i would never give anyone this type of advice. if he leaves, he had better win it all. >> it is all about winning. i think that we are committed to do nothat. i have given my stock options. we have a game plan that we will execute. >> a big weekend ahead. in the men's season, steven symbol close -- tomorrow afternoon. -- stevenson will phost . >> do you have more going on? >> that's it. >> we will have a look at the 74 gas is very expensive, and just when you think the gas prices are going down, they go back up again. we know saving money is important. this summer, shop with your giant card and save on shell fuel. earn one point for every dollar you spend. every 100 points earned gets you another 10 cents off per gallon
now they're were put in before custer's last stand. the indian wars, try to think back. >> officials say they would love to pay to replace the pipes, but there is no money right now in this city or county budgets. folks around this area will not have water until maybe tomorrow morning. >> what a difference a day makes. yesterday, rain and thunder storm warnings. today, some sunshine, but temperatures were colder than normal. we checked into our chief meteorologist. >> the temperature changes coming our way. it is a 61 in baltimore. 72 and pittsburgh. 83 in charleston, west virginia. that warm, humid air, west of the mountains. those storms will move into the mid-atlantic, parts of the area, south of us, tomorrow afternoon. warming temperatures are headed our way as well as strong or severe thunderstorms as a possibility. will those friday storms of winter into the preakness on saturday? the forecast is coming up. >> eeghen following our forecast -- you can follow our forecast at >> in tonight's education alert, more than 50,000 maryland high school seniors are set to grad
or language barriers. still, the culture is a comfort. >> get indian food, speak to people in their own language. so, you know, it's nice sometime. >> reporter: a piece of the country where everyone seems to have brought a little piece of home with them. >>> taking a look at the ongoing debate of immigration in america in a one-day series we're calling "a nation divided" from nbc to msnbc to the language channel of telemundo, from all sides, one of the most controversial issues making news today. >>> yesterday in kansas they witnessed the formation of three tour nay does. fortunately, the systems developed over grasslands. the winds underneath, 25 to 30 miles per hour. but tornado season won't be over until mid june. >>> washington state investigators are review the case of an officer who was fired using force on an inmate. the deputy appears to reach if for the throat of the suspect. the cop did not follow protocol. he contends the inmate was unruly and provoked the entire situation. new york, a place for you. an auction house is selling everything from prehistoric eggs. that fish skel
, surrounded by hills. indian officials ruled out the difficult landing to reign as a source of the tragedy. >> since 2006, there have been over 32,000 landings at this airport. >>> president obama delivered his weakened address at west point, outlining his foreign- policy project is weekend address at west point, that diplomacy must become a force as well. some of the cadets will be deployed soon to afghanistan, a conflict president says can be won. >>> the university of virginia women's lacrosse team emotional season has ended. your glove was found dead in her off-campus apartment three weeks ago. -- yeardley love was found dead in her off-campus apartment three weeks ago. they felt the sport kept them together. >>> former members of recent gun violence called for peace in washington. the motorcade and it with a rally in front of the white house, demanding president obama speak out. >> much of the rally was directed at president obama for not speaking out against recent gun violence in d.c., including a large shooting in southeast that left four teenagers dead and several injured. the ral
. but scott, takes the pitch to right field. the orioles beat the indians, eight-one, three victories and a row for the orioles. >>> yankee stadium, alex rodriguez, 18th career grand slam, the victory over the minnesota twins. a-rod is tied with eddie murray with grand slams. >>> normally, horseracing fans watch three races. the kentucky derby, preakness, the belmont. tomorrow is the second jewel of the triple crown. no horse has won the triple crown since affirmed in 1978. still, the jockey is confident. >> he is a fresh horse, and that is what we need in the game right now. i think he will run good tomorrow and maybe get lucky. >>> nhl, the phillies coming back against the bruins. -- philadelphia coming back against the bruins. bang, tickles the twine. the bruins become only the third team in hockey history to lose a series after leading three games to none. where >>> merc are rampant about what brought -- >>> rumors are rampant about lebron james' future. >> ♪ please stay lebron we really need you ♪ >> new york is recruiting lebron james through the media, the bulls could get i
or otherwise. >> reporter: most of the passengers were indian workers on a rare visit home from dubai, a terrible end to what had been a hopeful journey. indian officials say the conditions at the time of the landing were virtually ideal. visibility of several miles, low winds and no rain, which is already drawing attention there both to the airport, the difficulty of the landing and, david, to the pilot's decisions as well. >> all right, jim sciutto, thanks very much. >> we want to continue on this with our aviation expert john nance, a pilot himself and, john, we wanted to turn back to that animation we saw in jim's report of the plane landing on the runway so far down the runway. you have a looked at this before. pilots trying to salvage landings that look, well, unsalvageable. what do you make of it? >> we've seen this too much. it's a natural tendency to want to salvage a landing that looks like it's getting bad and unfortunately we have this happen too many times. a judgment is really 90% of the battle, and the judgment should be to go around. >> when you look at these pictures
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